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Trauma Services

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With our trauma services we aim to bring clarity and peace to the chaos brought about by a traumatic episode, through our professional knowledge of what needs to happen while treating the client and situation with empathy, understanding and respect.

The service is available 24 hours a day, with most clients reachable within a 2 – 4 hour period.

Suicide Cleanup


There is never a simple way to handle suicide, the aftermath left and the clean-up of the area where it took place.

We know that the cleaning of the scene is traumatic, our aim is to relieve the emotional strain by cleaning these scenes efficiently and disposing of hazardous waste effectively, while approaching each scene with respect and empathy.

Suicide Cleanup


The death of a loved one is always hard, especially if the body has been unattended for a long while and decomposition has taken place. We are here for you and have empathy for the situation.

We take care of all the cleaning aspects needed in this scenario, this includes disinfection and sanitation of all biohazards. A contaminated area can lead to life threatening and harmful infection to future owners of the property.

Suicide Cleanup


The death of a loved one is traumatising especially if it is by a violent crime.

UCS cleaners and technicians understand this and will handle these matters with integrity.

We work together with the authorities handling the case to clean up the area without affecting possible outcomes of the investigations.

Suicide Cleanup


We help landlords and families that have properties which have been affected by hoarders.

Not only is there a stigma attached to hoarding, but it is very dangerous. Hoarded items can cause fire hazards, unpleasant odour,  insect and rodent infestations.

UCS works with these situations very discreetly as we sanitize and deodorize the area.

Biohazard Cleaning


Biohazardous materials and areas present a major health and safety problem to those who are exposed to them. Our team at UCS are specially trained to work with these situations and thus are able to present a thorough cleaning solution in this area.

Biohazardous materials are correctly disposed of in conjunction with a certified medical waste disposal company.

Suicide Cleanup


UCS offers this service to make the process easier for those who have lost loved ones. If these properties are left unattended they can deteriorate and be rendered unsafe.

Our team has the expertise to effectively and discreetly remove waste, as well as sanitizing and deodorizing making sure that the deceased property is free of biohazards.

Vehicle Trauma Cleanup


Vehicles are often the scene for suicides, homicide and other deaths caused by shooting. The after-effects of these terrible incidents often leave behind contaminants such as blood, body tissue and fluids, which make it dangerous for others to use the vehicle should it not be a write-off.

Our team at CSC is equipped to work with these contaminants and offer a full vehicle cleaning service working together with a certified disposable company for the dangerous waste that may need to be disposed of accordingly. Our teams work very discreetly, and it is always our aim to respect those victims involved

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